ESSF UNIVERSITY is a private higher learning institution established in benin republic in the year 2006. ESSF UNIVERSITY was among the first private universities in Benin Republic. As it approaches 20 years, the university is going boldly forward with an unwavering commitment to a higher purpose, a greater good.



ESSF University value academic excellence, life-changing research, compassionate health care and a strong commitment to faith and service. For nearly 15 years, the university has gone beyond teaching facts and figures, encouraging students to form ideas and identities. Today, ESSF University students are increasing and seeking to mold their lives into something stronger, due to the seriousness and the quality of final products we release into the job market.



The University has invested vast resources to advance academic programs and enhance the student experience . ESSF has also built a good and strong relationship with the ministry of education in Nigeria and well known worldwide. The university’s commitment to the community service has earned it national acclaim and bolstered its status as among the best universities in Benin Republic.

In ESSF Benin’s lecture halls, ethics, spirituality and compassion are fundamental, no matter what subject. Most ESSF courses integrate service into academics and this spirit pervades campus; ESSF students, faculty and staff provide more service hours each year.

Aside from delivering quality education, we help our student set goals, establish work and life balance and build a strong network.

Having a successful career will offer you a lot of benefit and real profitable opportunities. As a renowned institution we recognize the role our institution takes in facilitating the growth and success around the globe.

We provide our student with a stimulating environment that challenges them to think literally and excel beyond even their own expectations. We equip, inspire and empower students to be their very best and to learn through experience.

We focus on helping our students realize their real potentials, find their opportunities for growth, give support for achieving their potentials, objectives and a true sense of belonging.

At ESSF UNIVERSITY, we understand all that goes into building a successful career. We work with our students to help them reach their goals. As a student, we help you start a healthy habits that will set you up for success and happiness in the future.